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Furniture and Mattresses Industry in Pieria

We manufacture furniture for your workplace,

your hotel unit

and, of course, for your home !



With innovative ideas, excellent quality materials, in designs and dimensions that serve your needs.


In collaboration with your own specialists, decorators, architects, we implement your wished designs.


We remain at your disposal even after the delivery and assembly of the furniture in your space.

119 μαύρη κόκκινη δίχρωμη κρεβατοκάμαρα

Mattress Materials


We  have mastered our art... practicing it for more than 50 years



Since 1968 our company is active in the mattress industry.


Pioneers and visionaries, we started as a family business in order to enhance every aspect your sleep and daily rest.


With personal commitment to customer requirements, attention to quality, obsession with detail, Voutsas en oiko transforms your desire for comfort and luxury in any kind of furniture.


In 1990 the company expanded into the field of home and workplace furniture. Now large hotel units bear our signature.


We pioneer and differentiate ourselves in a competitive market, tirelessly, enjoying as a maximum reward your satisfaction and trust.


We thank you and assure you that we 'll keep working for the best...

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