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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


1. In which dimensions should I order my mattress?

Each mattress is made to order, based on the dimensions that satisfy the customer. That is why it is very important to give the right dimensions, because in case of error, Voutsas en oiko of course replaces the mattress, but the cost of reconstruction and return - shipping is borne by the consumer.

So, if the mattress goes into the crossbar of the bed more than 5cm, measure:

  • Its width, from the inside of a side traverse to the opposite.

  • Its length, from the headboard to the legs.

If the mattress touches the surface of the substrate, measure:

  • Its length, measuring the length of the substrate (from the headboard to the legs).

  • Its width, measuring from the outside of the substrate surface to the outside of the substrate surface opposite.



2. How often should I change my mattress?

The long experience of Voutsas en oiko, but also long-term research by experts, proved that 8-10 years of daily use of your mattress are a milestone in the renewal of the medium that rests us every day, that is, our mattress!

Factors that burden this time frame are the change of our body weight, the misuse of the mattress or its additional use.



3. What should be under my mattress (where should the mattress be pressed)?

Once again, our experience has shown us that the most important thing for a mattress is where it is pressed. What should be taken given special attention is that there should be no large gaps between the wood planks under the mattress. The ideal distance between two boards is 2cm. If this distance is larger, your mattress, no matter how good or expensive, will create cavities, since large parts of it will stand in air and thus the unity of its materials will be broken.



4. How should I choose my mattress?

The main criterion in choosing your mattress is the degree of hardness you want. It is important to satisfy your body, because what your body understands is how soft or hard the surface it touches is. So explain how soft or hard you want the mattress you buy when ordering.

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