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Durable springs made of special steel wire in the shape of a double cone. Their hardness and elasticity ensure proper posture. Thus, the resistance to pressure is progressive.

Bonnell mattresses consist of multiple springs of the same type and hardness, joined in a grid. This grid is responsible for how the weight is distributed.




Springs independent of each other, lined with fabric, with 1.8 mm wire thickness and 290 pieces / m2.

Independently operated (Pocket) spring mattresses provide support and shock absorption. Each spring is located in its own fabric case, with excellent anatomical features. When two people use a pocket mattress, the movements of one does not affect the movements of the other.




Memory foam, a material made by NASA, neutralizes 87% of vibrations from the neck, spine and waist, making it ideal material for all ages.

The visco-elastic, as its name implies, in combination with the certifications that accompany it, offers orthopedic support and comfort throughout sleep.

Smart material at body temperature.



In contrast to 100% natural latex which is dangerous for natural wear, strong smell or allergies, the blend we use is a certified and technologically advanced material.

Latex has an open cell structure that contains millions of tiny air bubbles, making the material extremely durable, but also ensuring optimal ventilation and anatomy.

It has hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.




After careful collection, the feathers are washed before being used for our products.

Light, soft, airy and breathable, they do not cause





Cotton is a natural material with many beneficial properties.

In the textile industry, its fibers are the main material. It has antibacterial protection, allows the body to breathe adequately. It is extremely hydrophilic and hypoallergenic.

The cotton fabrics are of very good quality and that is why cotton is the raw material our company uses
for the manufacture of mattresses and fabrics.

It is one of the most common mattress materials that absorbs sweat, acts as a humidity regulator and at the same time advocates proper and adequate ventilation of the mattress.




Wool, natural material, soft, elastic, flexible with excellent thermal insulation properties, after being treated with environmentally friendly methods, unlike chemically treated materials.

It retains its antibacterial properties and is the only, perhaps, material that, by isolating moisture, can keep us cool in summer and warm in winter, keeping the temperature at constant levels.


Coconut fibers


Coconut fibers come from the coconut shell and, in leaf form, are used in our products.
Coconut absorbs moisture ensuring proper ventilation of the product in which it is used.
However, before using the fibers, they are sprayed with natural rubber, in order to solidify and, mainly, to acquire elasticity, which contributes to the proper operation of the mattress.

It is a thermal insulation material that keeps the body temperature constant.




Natural material derived from the mane or tail of the horse after a special sterilization treatment.

In combination with current technology and research, selected breeds of horses are used, whose hair is shaped into sheets and has the ability to repel various parasites, while having strong hypoallergenic properties.




Ketses, special hard carpet, more reinforcement in the crate, baked and sterilized at 210o C.



Quilted fabric, excellent durability and quality,
depending on the type of mattress.

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